Virtual Wellness at Your Home, Office or Hotel Room

Sense Mobile Massage unites professional certified massage therapists into a virtual wellness system which offers massage at your home, office or hotel room in Ljubljana.


Are you stressed out and for any reason can't find the time to relax in our Sense Wellness Centre?

Don't worry! Your massage is just one click away!


How Does Sense Mobile Massage Work?

    1. Book the type of massage, choose your preferred massage therapist and location from our website or app.
    2. Connect online with your preferred therapist to discuss the details of your session.
    3. Relax and enjoy a 5-star massage experience at your chosen location, on the same day or within one hour.
      Sense Mobile Massage is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 08:00 to 22:00.


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The Treatments We Offer

Your body is your home and most precious possession, and the care you give it can not only help you feel better, but perform and look better too. That’s why a massage is no longer seen as a luxury, but instead a key step in maintaining a healthy connection with your body, making you feel more alive and in touch with yourself.


We offer a variety of treatments, including aroma relax, deep tissue, Swedish, pre-natal, traditional Thai, Thai with aromatic oils, Royal Thai, and Hilot Philippine massages, as well as reflexology for your feet.


We offer both individual and couple massages, with the latter being provided by one or two therapists, and bring the massage bed and any other equipment needed to your location.


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Meet our Therapists

Our therapists are an international team of independent, trained professionals working in English, Slovene and other languages, with the experience needed to provide the service you desire.


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Trust Sense Mobile Massage and Relax

We offer massages to suit your needs and mood, from relaxing to energizing, rejuvenating to recovering. Sense Wellness operates two spas in Ljubljana – in the Grand Hotel Union


and Austria Trend Hotel


– but many customers have asked if they can enjoy our services at home, work, or in their hotel rooms. We now offer an online service where you can book a massage from our team in confidence, and enjoy the work of a certified professional at the time and place of your choosing, even within the next hour. You can pay online or in advance at one of our wellness centers.


We operate within Ljubljana City 1000, P.P 1001, Črnuče 1231, Dobrunje 1261, Polje 1260, Šentvid 1210, and Šmartno 1211


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(Sense Mobilna Masaža) in English.




Give the gift of relaxation with a Sense Mobile Massage gift card. You or the person who receives the gift can choose which of our treatments to enjoy, to be delivered anywhere and anytime in Ljubljana.


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